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May 21 (Tue.)

Korea Rural Heritage Association

The 6th ERAHS > PROGRAM > May 21 (Tue.)

Session Ⅴ: GIAHS Tourism (with interpreter)
6 presentations (15mins); discussion (30mins) / Moderator : Prof. KIM Sun Joo
Kensington Resort Jirisan Hadong, 3F, Convention Hall
Rural development through tourism by local government in GIAHS sites
Associate Professor / Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
Professor / Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
Enjoying myself helps community development
―the concept of agri-tourism for the young farmer in Minabe―
Ume system meister / Minabe-Tanabe Regional Association for GIAHS Promotion ARIMOTO Yohei
Exploration on the New Tourism Model of Hani Terrace on the Red River
Professor / Center for Conservation and Development of Hani Rice Terraces, Honghe University ZHANG Hongzhen
The relationship between agricultural heritage protection and industrial development
President / Huzhou Mulberry Dyke Fish Pond Industrial Association XU Minli
Protection and Inheritance of Nomadic System in Arukhorqin Grassland, Inner Mongolia
Deputy Banner Chief / Arukhorqin Banner, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region PEI Huanbin
Preservation and Practical Use of Jaecheop Catching Sonteul Fishery System in Seomjingang River
Director / Department of Economy and Fisheries, Hadong County, CEO, Research General / Myeongso IMC Inc. LEE Gwang-jae, HWANG Kil-sik
Session Ⅵ: Young Generation and GIAHS (English only)
6 presentations (10mins); discussion (60mins) / Moderators: Dr. PARK Yoon Ho & Ms. YIU Evonne
Kensington Resort Jirisan Hadong, B2, Joongjak Hall
Disseminating GIAHS knowledge to the young generation through picture books
Associate Professor / Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS JIAO Wenjun
How to explore and inherit the traditional knowledge of agricultural heritage systems
Ph.D Candidate / Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS ZHANG Bitian
Human Dimensions of Agricultural Heritage Landscape:Case of Community Development in Ryouai Village Oita
Secretary / Ryoai Rice Terrace Association SAYA Ayaka
Improvement of learning program in Ume-system
-Achievements and issues of “Ume-no-Sato learning program” in Takagi junior high school-
Producer / Minabe Town, Wakayama Prefecture AOKI Tomohiro
The Status of Structure and Management of Rice Terraces in Korea, China and Vietnam
Doctorate Course / Dongguk University, Professor / Dongguk University KIM Jinwon, OH Choonghyeon
How to Involve the Future Generation in Conservation Activity in Agricultural Heritage Site? : Case Study of Osaki Koto in Japan
Ph.D Student / Sophia University, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies KIM Seula
Closing Ceremony
Kensington Resort Jirisan Hadong, 3F, Convention Hall
Local restaurant of Hadong
Field Trip Ⅰ
Course : ①Chilbul-sa ②Traditional Tea Field Tour ③making hand-made tea
Networking Dinner
Kensington Resort Jirisan Hadong, 2F, Grand Hall
The 12th Working Group Meeting (only for Members)
Kensington Resort Jirisan Hadong, B1F, Daejak Hall