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Making Hand-made Tea

Korea Rural Heritage Association

The 6th ERAHS > FIELD TRIP > Making Hand-made Tea

This place has been used to enhance the pride of Hadong as the first tea plant cultivation site, inherit and develop tea culture, and promotes the excellence of Hadong tea. The museum consists of exhibition halls and a tea experience and education hall. The exhibition halls provide information on the excellence and cultivation method of Hadong tea, and display types of wild teas, cultivation tools and tea utensils. At the tea room, people can learn tea ceremony and taste tea. Also, a space set to experience tea manufacturing process is in preparation.

‘Deok-um’ is one of the important processes in determining the taste and smell of tea when making it. You can see the process of heating the tea leaves directly in a large pot and changing the shape of the tea leaves.

This is an experience where you can learn how to drink tea and take care of people with tea. With customized lectures for the age group, you will be able to learn about Hadong Wild Tea and experience the culture of drinking tea using a professional tea set.